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"We want to help writers develop their voice and point of view"

At 2 Write Better, we strive to empower writers of all levels by providing them the tools necessary to create pieces of writing that they can be proud of. Working closely with our clients, we want to help writers develop their voice and point of view. We particularly enjoy working with international students and scholars for whom English is a second language. If you are a student or faculty member or other professional who comes from a non-English speaking country such as those in Asia, Africa or the Middle East, we will help you with your writing in English.

  • Bad with grammar and spelling? We will go through and make sure everything is correct and accurate.

  • Have writer's block? We can help think through ideas and help you get out of that rut.

  • Haven't written anything yet? No problem! We can help you get things started.

  • Have a completed work? We can help put the finishing touches on it.

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